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Let the World Be Your Teacher: Learn Through Travel

Vacation isn’t just a luxury, it’s an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment

Travel has a way of broadening your horizons, in a way that’s both literal and metaphorical. Not only do you see new sights, but you also experience a range of unique circumstances that add depth to who you are as a person. Travel isn’t just one of life’s luxuries, it’s imperative to maintain your sense of adventure and social flexibility and should be prioritized as such. Learn the importance of taking a great vacation, and start appreciating the unspoken benefits of exploring our world.

A world of learning

The best education often happens on the road where you can face new challenges and experience the unfamiliar. The many underappreciated benefits of travel include:

Delaying gratification. Although it seems on the surface that a vacation is about enjoying whatever you want, whenever you want it, the truth is that travel involves many elements of patience.

With the right perspective, one of the best parts of travel is often the anticipation of your upcoming trip; saving money, meeting that goal, planning your vacation and activities, deciding what to pack. What seems like work can actually be an enjoyable part of the experience if you take the time to view it as such. Slow down and enjoy plotting your journey – there are important things to learn along the way.

Learning lessons. From planning the best route to learning local history, travel involves an unlimited amount of opportunity for actual education.

Challenge the elasticity of your brain by engaging with your new surroundings; attempt the language – even (perhaps especially) if it’s difficult – try new food, research landmarks and their history and purpose. Be assertive in your quest for knowledge by seeking out information, which may involve visiting museums or asking docents questions that evoke curiosity. Even inconveniences like airport delays contain nuggets of wisdom to glean, you just have to be willing to reframe those experiences into something positive.

Connecting with culture. Travel offers a new and enriched view of other people and the interconnected tapestry that binds human beings together. Step out of your comfort zone and engage with not only the locals but also other travelers.

Ask people where they’re from, what brought them here, where’s their favorite place to go, and let the conversation meander through different subjects as it tends to do when you’re open, authentic, and interested. People have a lot to offer, and you do as well. Appreciate that and get involved.

Practicing flexibility. The reality of travel is that it isn’t always comfortable, and that’s good for you. Adaptability is vital to your health and well-being, and you don’t get to flex that muscle without a variety of challenges.

Try to view any setbacks or inconveniences as a challenge that’s valuable to your personal growth. Brainstorm ways around it or work on changing your perspective to recognize that you’re actually fortunate to be experiencing the unexpected instead of sitting on your couch scrolling through other people’s adventures on social media. Learn from the discomfort and adapt.

Finding confidence. The end result of everything listed above is often newfound confidence. You’ve budgeted money, planned out the logistics, persevered through traffic, security, and setbacks; you’ve embraced curiosity, engaged with strangers, and accepted the unexpected. And you’ll do all of it even better the next time. Take a moment for self-inventory and appreciate the obstacles you’ve overcome and the lessons you’ve learned from stepping outside of your comfort zone for the sake of adventure.

Although vacations are mostly heralded as a conduit for much-needed rest and relaxation, travel is also an opportunity for learning. You can discover a lot about yourself and the world by exploring new places and immersing yourself in different communities. Break out of your normal routine and challenge yourself to see the world in a way that encourages your personal growth and enjoyment through travel.

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