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Second Chances: Recreating Yourself After 40

Is the life you’re leading the one you’ve always dreamed of?

Turning 40 is significant. For most of us, it means closing the chapter on youthful frivolity and stepping into experience and maturity. Maybe you’ve spent the last few decades raising children or pursuing a career – or both! And, while you’ve been busy living life, you may not have given a lot of thought to your ultimate purpose and legacy.

For many people, turning 40 brings a sense of introspection to life and its many pathways. Suddenly, you notice a few laugh lines around your smile, and you start to consider what the next phase of your life has in store for you.

Life in your 20s and 30s is often spent raising a family, accumulating the necessary things to make a home, and learning the ropes of life and business. So, what happens when you suddenly look up and realize that you’re not living life the way you want to?

Turning 40 means assessing your trajectory and making choices that get you closer to your ultimate goals in life. If you find yourself looking around your office thinking, “this isn’t where I wanted to be by now,” then maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself.

If you know you want to make some changes to craft the life that’s important to you, here’s how to get started.

Take a good long look in the mirror

It’s important to start by assessing your current situation – what led you to this place in life? What choices, relationships, and passions got you here, and where do you want to be headed?

Identify the key areas of your life, such as your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values. These important questions can be very revealing and open your eyes to what choices you need to make in the future to meet your goals.

Try writing down your thoughts in a journal and take time to read them over and process your words. Self-evaluation is key to determining your next steps.

Find your why

Once you’ve determined where you want your life to be headed, it’s time to think about why you want it that way. Ultimately, your “why” will help you pinpoint your exact needs and desires on your new journey.

Maybe you spent so much time working or being a parent that you never got the chance to experience the world through travel. Your desire for adventure and new experiences can drive you forward, even when you’re not feeling very motivated to work extra hours to save up money for flights.

Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to get a college degree but never took the time to pursue it in earnest. If going back to school gives you a sense of achievement and pride, that internal glow will be the thing that keeps you going when you’re tired of writing papers.

Whatever the reasons are for your goals, find out what makes you tick. Once you know what you want and why, you’ll be unstoppable!

Let your actions line up with your expectations

Most of us have dreams and goals – but very few people actually put in the work to achieve them. Why?

Because putting in the work to reinvent yourself takes time and dedication, and many people just aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to make their goals a reality. In the end, your goals don’t mean anything if you aren’t willing to hustle to get closer to achieving them.

You can’t have the expectation of competing in a bodybuilding competition if you aren’t willing to get up and go to the gym. You can’t expect to become a corporate executive if you show up late and do the bare minimum. So, it’s important to ask yourself if your actions align with your goals.

If not, it’s time to set your intentions and make sure you put in the work. That’s the only way you’ll achieve your dreams.

Find a mentor

Life after 40 isn’t always easy. Most of us have careers, families, and many responsibilities. But, if you’re serious about reinventing yourself to pursue your goals, it’s a good idea to find a mentor.

A great mentor is someone who can encourage you when you need it, push you when you’re lagging behind, and support you through thick and thin. Having someone in your corner can make all the difference when you’re trying to build your best life.

Start today!

You don’t have to wait for the stars to align before you make big changes. Start today, right where you are. Evaluate yourself and your goals, find your why, and set your intentions for your new path. With a great mentor by your side, you’ll have the tools for success in the palm of your hand.

If you would like to learn how to become unstoppable, like Gigi, and push beyond your limits and fears to really start living with fulfillment, contact her today.

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