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7 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

There is a bright future ahead for today’s women in business

More women than ever before have access to business education, career opportunities, and entrepreneurial tools. Although we still have a long way to go, the landscape for career-minded women has never been brighter.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, look no further than these seven female entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their companies.

1. Wendy Kopp – Teach for All

Wendy is the CEO of Teach for All, an education startup dedicated to developing leadership and community for students and educators around the world. Designed specifically for students who face insurmountable challenges, like poverty, hunger, discrimination, and trauma.

Wendy founded another organization, Teach for America, in 1989 which has grown to nearly 7,000 professional leaders and had an incredible impact on the American education system. Wendy created Teach for All to expand her vision for global education, where every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

2. Ariana Huffington – The Huffington Post

If you follow the news or entertainment cycle, you’ve probably heard of the Huffington Post. Started by prolific author and media mogul Ariana Huffington, the Huffington Post has quickly grown into an award-winning news platform.

The Huffington Post, launched in 2005, became the first U.S. digital media company to win a Pulitzer prize.

3. Angie Hicks –Angie’s List

In the early 1990s, Angie Hicks set out to find a solution to a common problem – the stressful task of finding reliable, local service for your home or property. Launched in 1995, Angie’s List now serves over 3 million consumers, with an online marketplace where vendors and consumers can find each other.

Today, Angie has won several awards for entrepreneurial achievements and continues to be involved in running Angie’s List.

4. Alexa Von Tobel – LearnVest

LearnVest is a digital education platform designed to help people understand and conquer personal finance. Alexa Von Tobel has worked through LearnVest to build an online community where anyone can come to learn financial knowledge and make better money decisions.

Tobel herself dropped out of Harvard Business School, proving that with enough grit and determination, anyone can create a successful business – even those without formal education.

5. Cher Wang – HTC

Cher Wang is the founder and current chairperson of tech giant HTC. Known mostly for its pioneering work with smartphones, HTC created the first smartphone to run on the Android operating system.

Wang’s continued success in the tech industry is magnified by the fact that the industry is traditionally male-dominated. Her success as a founder and chairperson of HTC led her to be included on the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in 2014.

6. Shelia Lirio Marcelo –

Chances are, you’ve heard of Sheilia Lirio Marcelo’s successful online startup, Now one of the top sources for childcare, housekeeping, and pet sitting providers, connects consumers and providers without any hassle.

Shelia’s vision for an online marketplace on has successfully helped millions of households find reliable, easy to contact care. Now, handles everything from tax and employment education to background checks and vetting for individual providers.

7. Cynthia Ndubuisi – EverGlow

Cynthia Ndubuisi created EverGlow, a company that manufactures plant-based biodegradable dish soap. In her home country of Nigeria, bar soap is commonly used to hand-wash dishes. Cynthia wanted to make a product that was environmentally friendly, economic, and hygienic.

Spurred by the success of EverGlow, she now works with her new farming startup, KPC, to help farmers in her country quickly process their cassava crops.

Cynthia’s passion for entrepreneurship and her desire for helping her people make her an inspiring leader for women everywhere.

The sky’s the limit for women in business

What we can learn from these inspiring female entrepreneurs is that creativity and passion are unique qualities that drive successful businesswomen. Our very own Gigi, who built a multimillion-dollar business in the face of incredible obstacles, proves that anyone can be successful if you’re willing to work hard and find success.

Gigi is an expert at assessing situations and working with her clients to help them cut through the obstacles in their way to find success. If you would like to learn how to become unstoppable like Gigi and find out how to get beyond your limits and fears to really start living with fulfillment, contact her today!

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