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8 Tips for Traveling

Treat Yourself: 8 Tips for Traveling

Travel is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Do it right and have the time of your life.

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about traveling, you’re not alone. Traveling gets us out of our comfort zone. It challenges us and brings us new and rewarding experiences.

Being safe and secure while traveling requires some experience and common sense. Travel savviness is a process, and usually, once you make a few mistakes, you’ll get the hang of things. Sometimes travel mishaps can be prevented, and sometimes unexpected things happen in spite of good planning. Embrace the adventure, keep a positive attitude, and you’ll be just fine.

There are a few things you can keep in mind to make your travels a little easier. Here are eight of my best tips for traveling.

1. Be flexible

Traveling isn’t just about the destination – it’s also about the journey. Flights, traffic, train stations, and shipyards are a big part of traveling. Instead of rushing through this essential part of your trip, try to slow down and resist the temptation to get frustrated.

Delays and last-minute changes will happen. It’s just part of traveling. Keep a flexible, patient attitude, and you’ll have a much better time.

2. Learn a few local phrases

Politeness goes a long way when you’re traveling in a different culture. Taking the time to learn just a few simple words like “excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you” shows the locals that you respect them enough to put forth a little effort in communicating.

This can be very helpful in getting directions, advice, or meeting people as you go. Give it a try!

3. Purchase travel insurance

No one wants to think about it, but sometimes emergencies do happen. A fall, a lost or stolen passport, a bad flu. A medical emergency can deplete your savings or leave you stranded in a place far away from your loved ones. Don’t risk getting stuck with no options.

There are a variety of insurance providers that offer travel policies. Check with your company to see what options you might have.

4. Put electronics, extra socks, medications, and your toothbrush in your carry-on

Many new travelers learn this one the hard way – keep a few small necessities on your person when you’re in transit. If your luggage gets lost or delayed, you’ll definitely want your medications and personal items on hand.

This goes for cash too – always keep a bit of money with you. If you lose your bag or wallet, having a reserve will help you get through. Lots of travelers like to put cash in a few different places, like their wallet, bag, and socks for example. This way you’ll always have access to what you need.

5. Beware of free Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi might seem like a great option to use on the road, but make sure you use it wisely. These open connections in shops, cafés, or public spaces aren’t usually secure. It’s probably fine to browse the web or play solitaire, but don’t check your bank account or email.

6. Back everything up

Keep digital and paper copies of important identification – passport, Visa, driver’s license, health insurance, and emergency phone numbers. If your identification gets lost or stolen, it’s incredibly important that you have extra copies of your documentation to get it smoothed out quickly.

7. Keep an open mind

You might be surprised or dismayed when you encounter cultures and lifestyles different than your own. Resist the urge to be judgmental and opinionated when this happens. Practice empathy and be willing to listen to opinions you don’t agree with.

If you’re willing to hear people out and embrace other people’s point of view, traveling can teach you so much about other places and cultures. You may be surprised how much you can learn from other people this way.

8. Take care of your body

Travel can be hard on your body. Changing time zones, long flights, sleep deprivation, and different food choices can wear you down. Make sure that you take the time to get adequate sleep, hydration, and exercise. This will help you stay strong and feeling good as you travel.

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