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It’s Never Too Late for a Fresh Start

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

It’s Never Too Late for a Fresh Start

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how we expect.

There are a million different ways life can throw you a curveball. When it happens, it’s easy to feel down and out. The reality is that sometimes life forces us to start over, or shift away from our previous goals. Instead of panicking and feeling like a failure, try to look at the experience as a fresh start.

Changing your life can be an opportunity, a chance for you to craft the life you want. You have the power to take charge of your life – regardless of your circumstances – and build yourself anew.

If you’re in one of life’s valleys right now, be encouraged. You are strong enough to climb to the summit.

You are a work in progress

The first step is to acknowledge the fact that you are a work in progress. Improvement is a process, and you will never be finished improving and growing.

If you are frustrated with yourself because of bad habits or previous mistakes, take some time to think about how important it is to accept your imperfection. Forgive yourself, and allow yourself to think about your inner journey.

It may be that you need to refocus on your career and business. Or, you may want to pursue better personal relationships or repair damaged ones.

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter if you are 30, 40, 50, or beyond. It is important to give yourself grace. This will allow you to accept your past mistakes or failures and move forward with cultivating a wonderful life.

Accept your reality and embrace change

The process of accepting yourself as a work in progress begins with embracing your current reality. Regardless of where you are, face your situation head-on. It can be challenging to acknowledge what’s right in front of you if all you can see is where you want to go.

Keep a clear head, and begin to steer yourself in the direction of your goals. And when things start changing, don’t resist! Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with change even if it’s taking us in the right direction.

Embrace it. Get out of your comfort zone, try and experience new things, and allow yourself to change and grow.

Drop your limiting beliefs

A common hurdle, for young and old alike, is limiting beliefs. These are the underlying feelings you have about yourself and your competence. You may be frustrated because you want more out of life but can’t seem to gain traction because you believe you are not capable or up to the task.

These under-the-surface beliefs about ourselves can lead to great anxiety and insecurity. They can cause us to ignore opportunities, or be so afraid of failure that we never show up and try.

If you find that you have limiting beliefs about yourself, take some time and journal about it. Write it down, spell it out. What exactly do you believe about yourself and your abilities?

Then, take a step back and read what you’ve written. Most likely, your limiting beliefs are nothing more than fears about yourself and your success – and not a real measure of your worth or value.

Be bold about the life you want to lead

When you’re ready to start taking action on your life, do it with gusto. Be bold about your ambitions, dreams, and goals.

Pursue those goals with passion, and identify what exactly is in your way.

If you need to make changes, go ahead and do so. Some things may be outside of your control, but you can work with what you have power over. Identify and remove the barriers to your success.

Practice gratefulness

Lastly, cultivate an attitude of gratefulness as you work on a fresh start. Each day is a gift, and life is very short. If you are still here, it’s not too late to create the life you want.

Remind yourself daily of how far you’ve come, and be grateful. It’s easy to see the silver lining if you’re practicing a grateful mindset.

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