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Parenting Alone: Tips for Single Parents Trying to Do It All

If you’re a single parent, you know that the burden of doing it all yourself can be all-consuming

Even though parenthood is rewarding and beautiful, it can be difficult without a co-parent to share responsibility. Raising children solo means that you’ve got to manage every aspect of your child’s lives, in addition to your own work and career.

It’s definitely a challenge, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are our best tips for creating a beautiful life in the midst of all the chaos.

Get support

Those of us who are driven and ambitious have no trouble taking on responsibility and getting things done. This tenacious attitude makes us unstoppable, and we’re definitely advocates of taking charge of your life. After all, Gigi herself is known for tackling obstacles until she is the only one left standing.

If that’s you – great! But we’ve got some advice for you: don’t try to do it all by yourself, especially when it comes to parenting. While this tenacity can make you successful in life and career, it can wear you down in the parenting sphere.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” It’s true! While you may be willing to push through all on your own, you’ll find it a lot easier on your family if you surround yourself with good support.

It’s ok to ask for help. It takes some venerability, but it will give you and your children people to rely on as you go through life. So, think about the people in your life and see if you can reach out to them. A good support network goes a long way in helping your family grow and thrive.

Get everyone on a routine

This advice is often the first you’ll hear, and there’s a good reason. Research shows that children who practice family routines exhibit higher social and emotional health. You may already have somewhat of a routine going, but this is a good time to reevaluate.

Create routines for things that you need to tackle every day – getting ready for school, homework, dinnertime, and sleep. If you’re already working with a routine, ask yourself if there are any areas where you can improve.

Children behave better and are more at ease when they have a clear routine to follow. It helps them know what to expect. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. You’ll probably be amazed at how efficient routines can make you.

Follow through on discipline

When parenting alone, it’s tempting to let your standards slide a little bit from time to time. Try not to allow your expectations to get fuzzy. Sit down with your kids and work together to develop a set of ground rules that you’re all willing to abide by.

It’s a good idea to keep them simple and positive. Instead of saying something like, “don’t talk back,” try saying “always be respectful.”

When you’re all in agreement with the rules, hang them up and hold your kids accountable to them. It’s important to use discipline to shape your kid's behavior and guide them toward positive choices.

Invest in your kids

While rules are important, your relationship with your kids is ultimately a bigger influence on their behavior and life choices.

It’s important to invest in your relationship with your kids. It’s not always easy, especially if you are the provider for the family and you need to spend a lot of time working. Do what you can to keep your relationship on the right track.

Make time to have family fun together. Even simple things like playing board games or going for a walk can foster a close relationship with your kids.

Make time for yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If you are giving and giving without recharging, eventually you’ll end up empty. Making time for yourself isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Sometimes, taking time to take care of yourself is easier said than done. After all, you’ve got lots of responsibility!

Try to remember that when you invest in yourself, you’ll come back with more energy, more kindness, and more motivation to serve your family and career. It helps everyone if you’re well-rested physically and emotionally. So, do whatever you can to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.

Parenting alone isn’t always easy, but you can do it!

Always remember that you are capable. When things get tough, rely on your support network for help. Resolve and prevent behavior issues with good routines and discipline, and invest in your kids and yourself. You’ve got this!

If you would like to learn how to become unstoppable like Gigi and find out how to get beyond your limits and fears to really start living with fulfillment, contact her today.

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