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Set up for Success: Start Your Day Right

Establish a morning routine that prepares you for taking on the day with confidence

You’ve done it every day forever, and yet it rarely gets easier and, in fact, often only becomes more difficult as responsibilities multiply. That’s right, we’re talking about waking up, and all that follows.

Even if you’re part of the rare breed known as a morning person, the start of the day tends to be rushed and unappreciated, at best. However, your morning routine sets the tone for everything from your mood to your motivation and setting yourself up for success can impact your well-being and productivity in a positive way that can have a beneficial ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. Think about the start of your day differently and bring more ease and joy into your world.

A fresh start

The jarring chime of an alarm clock, fumbled negotiations with the snooze button, discarded outfit options, a hurried gathering of the day’s necessities, grabbing something that can be quickly consumed while sitting in traffic and counting down the minutes until you’ll officially be late – mornings can feel like barely corralled chaos.

However, that craziness is a choice. It may not feel like something you desire or even anything you can do much about, but you are indeed the master of your own destiny and mornings are no exception.

If you feel anxious, stressed out, or disorganized, you may want to direct a critical eye at how you start each day. Are you managing your mornings or simply reacting to the circumstances of your day?

Day planner

Having a sense of control over your own life and actions is a fundamental human need that can lead to an increased sense of satisfaction and well-being. Consider incorporating the following tips and tricks into your daily routine to bring your mornings into focus:

Be prepared: You have to have a better plan than simply getting out of the door at a reasonable time each day. Unless you were gifted with a fairy godmother, there will be no cheerful team of melodious mice arranging your outfits and finishing up your chores – it’s up to you.

A successful morning starts the night before: lay out your clothes, pack your lunch and whatever else you need to get through the day, and take a moment to make a list of three things you plan to accomplish the next day. These simple acts ensure that you are prepared and that you have a course of action in place that will help guarantee maximum productivity and a sense of accomplishment so that you’ll be ready to do it all again the next day.

Get an early start: Sleep feels sacred, and it is, but so is a strong start to the day. Adjust your sleep schedule so that you’re still getting an appropriate amount of rest each night but make a point to start your day well before anything is expected of you.

Eliminate the morning rush and build in some time to wake up at a pace that agrees with you. Begin your day by treating yourself to a few moments of quiet enjoyment – linger over your coffee and reflect on what part of the day you are most looking forward to, or build in a chunk of time for a quick workout or a morning meditation. You’ll soon realize that sleeping in isn’t worth sacrificing a leisurely start to the day.

Consistency counts: Taking control of your mornings involves establishing a routine that you can embrace and maintain. Knowing what to expect eliminates the anxiety of the unknown. Don’t allow your morning to be dictated by the needs of the day – fit your daily tasks in around your already established schedule: wake up at the same time, partake in your activities in a predictable order, prioritize and plan for your own needs and refuse to be affected by whatever else is going on. Direct your own day realistically and sustainably.

Starting your mornings with intention can empower you to get organized in other areas of your life, too. A simple change like setting your alarm a little earlier or preparing your work bag the night before can make you see the value in establishing consistent routines and evaluating your time in a way that adds value to your days. Reorganize your life to eliminate the rush and start each day with a sense of gratitude for good mornings.

If you would like to learn how to become unstoppable like Gigi and find out how to get beyond your limits and fears to really start living with fulfillment, contact her today.

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