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The Silver Lining: Rebuilding Your Life When You’ve Lost It All

“I’ve always considered myself a success born out of failure … The measurement of success isn’t when you’re going to fail; it’s how fast you’re going to get up and start over. That’s success.” – Gigi Stetler

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and falling flat on your face can be devastating.

At a certain point, most people come to expect predictability in their life and business. But that doesn’t always happen. Gigi knows this first-hand – she has had many ups and downs throughout her accomplished career.

Overcoming a near-fatal assault, working tirelessly as an advocate for women’s empowerment in business, and rising to the top of the competitive RV sales industry – Gigi has faced more than her fair share of challenges.

It is these experiences that have given Gigi the ability to find the silver lining after every devastating fall, and the tenacity to rise above the obstacles and rebuild.

Gigi’s inspiring story is more than just an interesting read. It’s a roadmap, a guide to overcoming your own challenges and hurdles when you think you’ll never be able to recover.

Here are some of Gigi’s best tips for rebuilding your life when you’ve lost it all.

Love yourself first

The first thing to keep in mind when things fall apart is that your worth is not defined by what happens to you. Yes, people may take advantage of you, life circumstances may encumber you, but your worth and value as a person do not depend on those things.

It’s easier said than done, but practicing active self-love and care is the first step to recovering your life.

Self-respect, acceptance, and love are the keys to a fulfilling relationship with yourself, which should be at the top of your list.

When you have self-love and acceptance, you don’t need other people’s approval on your life or decisions. Loving yourself takes power away from other people, and puts it back in your control.

You don’t have to please other people. There will be others who do not understand or agree, and that’s okay. When you are assured of your own worth and value, you don’t need other people to give you permission.

Let go of shame and guilt to overcome fear

Along with self-love comes self-acceptance, and sometimes that means accepting your past mistakes or experiences.

Guilt and shame over your previous relationships, business decisions, or anything else will only get in your way. To reach your full potential, learn to accept any past mistakes and come to terms with your current reality.

If you’ve messed up, don’t let it define you. Strangely, rebuilding your life can be incredibly healing. It can be a fresh start, a clean slate, and a chance to create something new.

It’s difficult to start anew if you’re allowing guilt and shame to hold you back. These things are in your way – let them go, accept yourself, and start again.

Be tenacious

Gigi’s road to success has been peppered with bullies, sexist rivals, and unscrupulous competitors. She is no stranger to being pushed around, and she will be the first to tell you that the key to success is to push back.

Often, we are so conditioned to accept other’s treatment of us even if we know it is unfair. This is especially true for women – and Gigi will have none of it.

She is passionate about taking a stand, owning your life and business, and speaking your truth. Sometimes, that means taking on industry giants in the legal system to fight for what’s right.

Other times, it means overcoming personal traumas and cultivating a healthy personal life.

Whatever the case may be, don’t allow yourself to be silenced by failure or bullying. You can take back your power and speak your truth.

You can find a way

“When one door closes, you gotta go find another one or get out the window.” – Gigi Stetler

Gigi is an expert at assessing situations and tackling obstacles until she is the only one left standing. She wants to help you assess your situation and determine a concentrated plan of action to get beyond your limits and fears to really start living with fulfillment. If you would like to learn how to become unstoppable like Gigi, contact her today.

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